Benefits of Using A Toaster Oven In Your Kitchen

How to select a toaster ovenChoosing the right kitchen appliance can often be overwhelming. Many of the modern appliances also tend to have overlapping functions. Take, for instance, a conventional wall oven, a microwave oven and a toaster oven. Only an evaluation of their merits can help pick the most helpful appliance. Here are a few advantages of using a toaster oven that make it such an essential kitchen appliance.  No matter what zip code you happen to be in, you can take full advantage of everything that using a toaster oven has to offer.

Some Advantages of Using A Countertop Oven

The name “toaster oven” may be a little misleading, as most of today’s models currently available can do a lot more than just toast bread.  You can make pizza, cook a whole chicken, broil fish or steak, bake cookies, and a whole lot more.  The best toaster ovens offer exceptional convenience without sacrificing cooking performance.  Most owners find that they use their full sized oven a lot less as a toaster oven is able to do exactly what they need.  Below are some more of the benefits of using one of these small appliances in your home.

Convenient Size

Space is always an important factor when purchasing new kitchen appliances, especially in cramped quarters. A toaster oven is small and light and can usually fit nicely on most countertops and has a tremendous advantage over conventional ovens and microwave ovens. A larger toaster oven can adequately replace a conventional oven without taking all that space.

Convection Cooking and Baking

A number of today’s modern toaster ovens come with a convection cooking feature. This uses a fan to circulate the hot air around the inside of the oven for even cooking. Because of this function, food is done faster and thoroughly on both sides.  They beat microwave ovens that often make food hard and chewy. Although full sized convection ovens have a similar ability, a convection toaster oven will end up requiring less energy.

Energy Efficient

A toaster oven will save you money on electricity bills. It uses about 1200-1800 Watts which is about half of what a conventional oven consumes.  Why cook a small meal inside of a big oven and waste all of that energy.  Counterop ovens also have the added advantage of pre-heating a lot faster.


You can use a toaster oven for different options. Most toasters have a wide temperature range. Some have robust cooking abilities that can handle a wide range of dishes.  They may have touch screens and rotisserie hooks. Other levels may come with an additional heating element on top allowing you to cook and warm simultaneously. A quality oven should easily be able to handle your warming, defrosting, boiling, toasting, broiling or baking needs.

Browning Capabilities

Toasters are also better at browning food. Their broiler component ensures an even browning of your food. Microwave ovens do not have broilers and, therefore, cannot be used to brown food. A good countertop oven can also brown food faster than a conventional oven making the former a better purchase.

Save Money and Time

A toaster oven costs less than a traditional oven. Apart from the purchase price, you can also save money on electricity bills. A toaster oven being a small appliance does not overheat your kitchen. Minimal heat energy is lost, and, therefore, your kitchen stays cooler.

Easy To Use and Clean

It’s relatively easy to use a toaster oven, although kids should always be supervised while trying to operate one.  No stick interiors and stainless steel construction also make wiping up spills and messes more of a breeze.

A toaster oven is a multifunctional kitchen appliance. It does not cost as much as a conventional oven but can in many ways outdo it. It does not give you soggy, chewy and hard food like the microwave oven. A toaster oven can therefore comfortably replace the microwave and the wall oven. If you have never considered getting one of these for your kitchens then you do not know what you are missing.  Add convenience, use less energy, and spend less money on perfectly cooked meals for you and your family.  Today’s toaster ovens have a lot of the capabilities of a full sized range but without the higher prices.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen making sure that your family eats right, do yourself a favor take a closer look at what one of these small appliances can offer you.

Putting Juicing on the Map

Selecting the best home juicerJuicing is more than just a trend these days. It has picked up traction as more people discover just what fresh juice can do for your body. It has become a multi-billion dollar a year industry, from juice bars, juice cleanses, and juicers that you can use in your home. If you are feeling a little sluggish, or you know that your diet could use some major improvement but you lack motivation, then juicing is something worth considering.

Advantages of Juicing

First, it is convenient. Instead of spending hours during the day grazing on fruits and vegetables like a farm animal, you can have a freshly made glass of juice in just a matter of minutes. You can either visit a juice bar and have it made for you, or you can make it yourself in your own kitchen. A days worth of nutrients can fit into just one glass to be easily consumed. Our bodies are basically juicers. We eat different foods, our body digests it taking out the liquid vitamins and minerals, and it discards the hard stuff. By juicing, we are basically eliminating the middleman. It is still good to eat the daily fruit or vegetable for the dietary fiber, but you do not have consume large amounts.

Getting Started

If you do not live in a big city it may be a drive to go to the nearest juice bar. There are maps for those that live in bigger metro areas, like Los Angeles and New York City, to help you find the closest establishments that will make you juice from scratch. If the nearest place is too far away then getting your own juicer is a great alternative, besides it will be more economical in the long run.

How Big Of An Investment Is Juicing?

To be honest, juicing is not going to be a cheap endeavor. You will have to purchase a juice machine plus fresh produce, usually on a weekly basis. It adds up. But there are a few things that you can do when shopping for a juicer to help bring down the cost.

  • Don’t Buy Cheap – Getting a cheap machine is just going to end up costing you more money in the long run. They are not as efficient, meaning that they don’t extract the maximum amount of juice possible. This will end up being a waste as you throw out chunks of unjuiced pulp. Second, they usually do not produce a good experience as they will typically be unstable, be harder to clean, and in the end you will not want to use it any more.
  • Buy Quality – Purchasing a high quality machine will help make everything less of a hassle plus it will end up producing more juice yield so that you get the most juice out of the fruits and vegetables that you put into it. You can read the top juicer reviews of 2015 to see which juice extractors rank best with users. Any of the top juicers should be handle a wide variety of different foods with high juice yield.
  • Find Farmers Markets – You need produce in order to juice, and these are usually going to have a wider variety and better prices than your local grocery store. This is a great way to drop the price of juicing at home.

What Kind of Juicer Should I Get?

Masticating juicerThis depends on how you intend to juice and what are the most important criteria for you. There is no one juice machine that is perfect for every person. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. The two main types of machines are centrifugal and masticating and if you go looking to buy a new juicer you will most likely be choosing between these two. Here is a quick breakdown of both.

  • Centrifugal – Fast and loud with a little less juice yield. These machines are perfect for folks who are always in a hurry. Quick, simple juicing.
  • Masticating – Slower and a lot quieter with better juice yield. The juice has a little more pulp in it and these machines are normally a little more expensive. The juice, however, is slightly more nutrient dense.

Either type of juice extractor that you choose will greatly improve your diet, so do not worry about choosing the wrong one. Just get one that is within your budget and has some of the more important features that you think you may get the most use out of and don’t look back.  Now matter what zip code you live in, you can always benefit from improving your diet and taking care of yourself and juicing is a quick and simple way to that just that.

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